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Anti-fog prescription swimming goggles

(7 customer reviews)

Original price was: NZ $89.98.Current price is: NZ $44.99.


Anti-fog prescription swimming goggles

(7 customer reviews)

Original price was: NZ $89.98.Current price is: NZ $44.99.


This premium pair of THREO prescription goggles will ensure great underwater vision and enhanced comfort!

As someone who wears prescription glasses, you already know how important it is to take care of your eyes. Whether you’re training for a race, swimming laps for cardio, or preparing for a triathlon — these are the best value goggle on the market. Equipped with all the features of a quality swimming goggle — anti-fog protection, UV protection, a wide panoramic lens and silicon seals around the eyes —  they are great for professional swimmers and amateurs alike. The prescription goggles correct myopia and are available in diopters -1.0 through -10.0.

This pair of professional swim goggles were designed for indoor and outdoor swimming. They have protected mirrored lenses that block UV rays and ensure a solid barrier against sun glare. Plus, the mirror design ensures the largest field of view and the smallest glare. Anti-fog coating provides a clear water vision and reduces visual distortion so you can keep an eye on the competition. These goggles offer a high degree of comfort and form a solid seal, so you never have to worry about water seeping in or red itchy eyes. An inner-eye fit and a high nose bridge add more comfort. The goggles are designed to fit different face shapes.

✔️ CORRECTIVE LENSES FOR MYOPIA — You can pick different prescription powers for your eyes. Available in whole and half diopters -1.00 to -10.00.

✔️ ANTI-FOG & UV PROTECTION — Coated with the optimal amount of advanced anti-fog to offer you a clear and long distant view underwater.UV protection lenses filter harmful rays and protect your eyes from harmful sun rays.

✔️ COMFORTABLE FIT — The use of a high-quality silicone frame and ergonomically designed high nose clip provide great comfort without hurting the nose or leaving marks on the face.

✔️ 100% LEAKPROOF — Completely leakproof due to their cushioned silicone seals. You can swim freely without any distractions.


Use and maintenance:

  • After swimming, rinse the lenses with fresh water to flush out chlorine, salt, sand or other contaminants,
  • Keep the goggles in a dry and clean environment.
  • Please do not put the goggles in direct sunlight because it will dry the soft silicone seal and fade the colour.
  • Avoid fingernails, rough cloths or any other sharp things that may damage the tinted lenses.
  • Do not rub the inner side of the lens, as it will damage the anti-fog coating.

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  1. D**n (verified owner)

    New Zealand

    The goggles are very comfortable and light. Snug fit.

  2. C***s (verified owner)

    New Zealand

    Very comfortable for long use

  3. H***n (verified owner)

    New Zealand

    Definitely better than contacts and regular goggles. I love it.

  4. J*** (verified owner)

    New Zealand

    they provide amazing clarity! fit well too. really great!

  5. N***a (verified owner)

    New Zealand

    These goggles have performed great for me. I have a narrow face, and I have had issues with much more expensive goggles fitting right. Good value!

  6. S***a (verified owner)

    New Zealand

    Good suction, no leaking, holds well.

  7. A****a D******n (verified owner)

    New Zealand

    These were great when I first started to use them in January this year. Unfortunately they now leak, the anti-fog coating is not effective and just today the seal ripped as I was taking them off. I’m not trying to put anyone off buying as when they were great they were great. It’s only been over the last 2 weeks that they have failed me so not sure if mine are faulty. Would highly recommend them if mine were to have lasted a little longer.


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Anti-fog prescription swimming goggles

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