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Acupressure Mat

(16 customer reviews)


Acupressure Mat

(16 customer reviews)

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THREO Acupressure Mat stimulates the pressure points on your feet, hands, and back with its 3D design. It is great for calming your nerves, releasing stress, and strengthening the body’s immune system. Using our acupressure mat is especially recommended for those who have a sedentary lifestyle, suffer from insomnia, have high blood pressure, and have diabetes. Moreover, it alleviates pain in the neck, shoulders, and back muscles by targeting specific points on the spine. Plus, our product improves blood circulation because of its unique design with hundreds of diamond-shaped nubs that stimulate different areas of your body at once.

THREO Acupressure Mat and Pillow have been designed by experts in the field of medical science who really wanted to bring wellness straight into our homes! It mimics the ancient art of acupuncture without the use of needles. The THREO Acupressure Mat is great for all types of bodies and can be used by anyone at any age. We recommend using it daily as part of an overall wellness routine for not less than 30 minutes per day. The results of massaging by our acupressure mat can be seen immediately!

Our acupressure mat is made of high-quality materials which allow for its use in all types of environments, including home, office, or even gym. There are 72 nubs on the pillow and 230 nubs on the mat to provide you with maximum comfort. THREO Acupressure Mat is lightweight, compact, and suits every chair or sofa. Plus, it’s very easy to transport or store using our special bag.


✔️ PROMOTES BETTER SLEEP — THREO Mat releases tension, which helps you fall asleep faster. It is recommended for those who have difficulty sleeping at night or are prone to insomnia.

✔️ REDUCES STRESS LEVELS — The pressure points activate your body’s natural relaxation response and support the parasympathetic nervous system, which provides relaxation and rest to your body.

✔️ IMPROVES BLOOD CIRCULATION — Our acupressure mat improves blood circulation by stimulating the microcirculatory system, which is responsible for providing nutrients to your tissues. The improved flow fights fatigue and boosts energy, leaving you feeling refreshed.

✔️ RELIEVE INFLAMMATION & PAIN SYMPTOMS — THREO Acupressure Mat alleviates pain and inflammation and has been found to be helpful in cases of back, neck, shoulder, and joint pain by stimulating pressure points.

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  1. A****y (verified owner)

    New Zealand

    This mat really SURPRISED ME!! I had INSTANT relief from my back pain! It works great! I’m using it every day and it feels amazing! I’m so happy I bought it!!!

  2. B****a (verified owner)

    New Zealand

    This mat is very good for back pain or general stress. Lay on it with a shirt on and wiggle around for a nice acupressure-style massage. It has really helped my tension and muscles relax. Incredible product!

  3. J****b (verified owner)

    New Zealand

    This mat relieves a lot of stress I have on my feet. The spikes feel uncomfortable in the beginning but you get used to it and start feeling energy. This mat is exactly what I needed for relaxation. Highly recommend.

  4. K*****e (verified owner)

    New Zealand

    Spikes were a lot sharper than I expected and it took quite a while to get used to. However, once I did it was very relaxing. I never thought it helped me sleep, but I do enjoy it.

  5. M***h (verified owner)

    New Zealand

    This really helps me. I have terrible back pain and there are times those electric massagers or muscle balms/salves absolutely don’t work. I use this and just let the prickly stuff do its thing on my back for about 20-30 minutes and I feel so much better. My cat loves it too!

  6. S***a (verified owner)

    New Zealand

    I have found that after five minutes I can feel my back get hot and the pain of the needles going away. It is relaxing after the first five minutes. I have noticed much of a sleep difference.

  7. R****g (verified owner)

    New Zealand

    I am a natural sceptic, I saw this product and had to see if it worked. It was a bit odd at first but totally relaxing. I then used it on top of my mattress and I slept like a top.

  8. L**y (verified owner)

    New Zealand

    My lower back and sacroiliac were giving me a lot of pain and I decided to try this product. I laid on the mat for an hour at a time and it gave me relief from the pain as well as helped me to sleep better. I used the pillow on my lower back on a 9-hour car ride and did not have the back issues that I normally have on a long drive.

  9. H**e (verified owner)

    New Zealand

    I think it really helps circulation and is very helpful to my foot cramping which I experience from cold feet. I have also tried this for relaxation purposes with my sister who is suffering from bouts of anxiety and it does help to relax her very effectively.

  10. S***y (verified owner)

    New Zealand

    Great item. Really promotes circulation, decreasing pain in the area. Do not wiggle around once you lay down on the pad, pinpoints are sharp and can scratch the skin.

  11. V****r (verified owner)

    New Zealand

    I am surprised at how quickly this thing works on you. My roommate was also having plantar fasciitis and used it on his feet. The next day he said it was better than it had been for weeks.

  12. G**s (verified owner)

    New Zealand

    This is a great product! It was actually highly recommended to me. I usually use it at least once a week on some part of my body.

  13. T***k (verified owner)

    New Zealand

    I got this for my back and neck pain but I now love it for the amazing sleep that it gives me! Everyone should try it!!!

  14. A***y (verified owner)

    New Zealand

    I suffer from various chronic conditions that cause me tremendous pain, cause insomnia, impair circulation, and make it difficult for my body to settle down and relax. It took just a few minutes to feel the huge impact that the mat had on my overall well-being. The parts of my body that were lying directly on the mat became warmer fairly quickly, as the mat improved my blood circulation. Amazing product.

  15. W***l (verified owner)

    New Zealand

    I definitely had to work up to using this gradually. The first time I used it and was very sore. But it definitely helps get your circulation going!

  16. P***y (verified owner)

    New Zealand

    I think this is actually relieving my back pain. It doesn’t hurt that much laying on it, it actually hurts worse when I get up from laying on it for a while. I’m happy with my purchase